Monster Makeup FX™ | Practical Special Effects & FX Makeup

 The mission of Monster Makeup FX is to enhance all visual storytelling with practical special fx and special effects makeup.

Monster Makeup FX Special FX and special effects makeup studio | We Go Where Your Story Takes Us. | 720-432-SPFX (7739) 

Monster Makeup FX is a preeminent and award-winning special fx and special effects makeup studio. 

We've worked on 25 feature films, 3 TV series', and numerous shorts and other productions including live events and haunted attractions!

Here's some recent films that feature our work. You can find 'em on Amazon and other streaming services like Hulu and iTunes. 

'INCUBATOR' from Pretty People Pictures is one of our favorite short films that we've worked on... 

We're committed to special effects makeup education and we teach beginner through advanced special effects makeup classes & workshops at our studio facility in Denver, CO. 

$625 per attendee when you sign up for 'MONSTER MAKEUP FX 101' before March 31st! 

Monster Makeup FX LOVES to do custom fabrication and projects for individuals, businesses, and organizations.

We create custom props, costumes, cosplays, and special effects makeup creatures and characters. 

Anything you need. Everything you want. 

If your production needs anything on this list, Call 720-432-SPFX (7739) TODAY!

  • Creature Design
  • FX Makeup Prosthetics
  • Character Makeup
  • Old-Age Progression
  • Masks
  • Animatronics
  • Puppets
  • Props
  • Blood Gags
  • Airbrush Artistry
  • Zombies
  • Theatrical Tattoos
  • HD Makeup
  • Sculpting
  • Lifecasting
  • Costume Design

720-432-SPFX (7739)