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Monster Makeup FX loves zombies almost as much as zombies love ooey, gooey brraaaiins! 

In 2013, Monster Makeup FX completed hundreds of zombie makeups, did more zombie projects, and taught more zombie special effects makeup classes than ever before!

We expect 2014 to be even deader, oops, we mean better. 

Making a Zombie Movie? 

In Colorado and across the nation, zombie crawls and zombie events like the Run For Your Lives 5K Zombie Obstacle Course are some of the most popular undead events all year long outside of Halloween! 

Some of the best special effects zombie makeups that we see come from our MMFX students and interns.

Stefan began as a student with us in 'Monster Makeup FX 101' and his sculpting and other work never cease to amaze us.

 Stefan is already an accomplished FX artist whose work has been included in the filming of 'EAT' from Pretty People Pictures and featuring Special FX & FX Makeup by Monster Makeup FX.

You'd work in movies and TV if you could do Special FX makeup, right? 

Monster Makeup FX often draws from the pool of our most talented and dedicated students when fulfilling the needs of larger FX projects or when we're searching for our own interns and assistants. 

We salute the creator of the modern special effects zombie- George Romero! 

We celebrate the delightful varied looks in the zombie makeup evolution from Tom Savini (Dawn of the Dead) to the KNB Effects Group (Greg Nicotero and Howard Berger of 'The Walking Dead' series) to the myriad of talented professional and novice special effects artists everywhere, zombies abound!

Thank you for visiting the Gallery of Our Undead!

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